Basics - With the new yogi in mind or or anyone who wants to go back to explore the basics for the sake of alignment and foundation.  We move slower with emphasis on the pose, alignment, and foundation.  (Beginner and Beyond)

Feel Good Flow Yoga - Basics level yoga class that concentrates on foundation and alignment of the poses while offering more of a flow to keep things moving with the breath. This class will encourage the new yogi to learn more postures and to find strength, balance, and flexibility in their bodies while encouraging mindfulness and peace. (Basic Level)

Hatha Yoga - Yoga comes to us from India, but this is a style of yoga that is most common in the Western world. This class will focus on asana (postures/poses) and serve to provide or reconnect with a foundation for an excellent personal yoga practice. Beginners are welcome, and more experienced yogis will have options open to them for growth in this class. (All Levels)

Hot Yoga -  For this class, the room will be heated to over 90 degrees F. Students in this class will work to find deeper stretches, a more intense yoga practice, and a release of stress. There will be an opportunity to work more advanced postures into your practice in this class. Bring a towel and plenty of water. (Moderate to Intermediate)

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Participation Meditation - Come join us for a fun instrumental group meditation experience! Here we will gather and play with a variety of musical instruments and sounds to activate our rhythmic meditation. This is a fun class for all and no experience needed. All ages are welcome, and participants are welcome to stay for the entire hour or just a few minutes, depending upon personal preference. Playing an instrument is optional. Instruments will be onsite to use, or you may bring your own. You are also welcome to bring your own cushion to sit on during the meditation experience.

Power Yoga - Building inner heat, this class will focus on strength and a quicker movement with the breath, finishing with deep stretching.  (Moderate) 

Pre-School Yoga - Coming weekly in January. For mini-yogis, this 30-minute class works on balance and movement. Class will include music and stories. If child is under 3 years old, parent or guardian must participate too. This is offered as sessions that will build upon each other.

Reiki Recharge - Come in for an energy recharge to feel more refreshed! When our life energy is low we tend to feel lethargic and stressed. Stop in for a 5-10 minute Reiki Recharge session. This will relax your mind and body while recharging your energy and balancing your Chakras. You'll feel more motivated and Peaceful. (Maximum Class 7 People)

Yin Yoga and Tea - Yin yoga is a slow flow, gentle practice which involves holding a pose with the assistance of props for several minutes at a time. It mainly targets the lower body’s deepest tissues - the connective tissues — ligaments, joints, bones, and the deep fascia networks of the body — rather than the muscles. Although this is an all-levels class, please note that it is not the same as restorative yoga. Bring your own mug, and we will supply herbal tea. (All-Levels)

Warm and Gentle Yoga - The room is headed slightly in encourage the muscles to warm. This class is designed to be inspire a sense of physical and emotional ease to last the day. (All Levels)

Yogi Sprouts -

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Yogi Sprouts is for kids of ages 5-12.

WORKSHOPS AND PERIODICALLY OFFERED CLASSES - Sign up for our Weekly-ish Blog/Newsletter to find out when these will be offered next.

Chakra Yoga with Essential Oils - Monday, December 17 6:30-8:00pm - Pre-Registration Only. Join us for a yoga class that addresses all seven of the Chakras. Learn a little bit about each: what purpose each chakra serves and corresponding yoga postures, essential oils, and colors. Essential Oils will play a part of this class. Following class, each participant is invited to create her or his own roller bottle of essential oils to take home. Make yours one to help with stress, energy, peace, patience, focus, comfort, etc. This is a fun treat to take a break during this busy season and to do something for you. $20 per person

Yoga with Reiki Workshop - This is an all-levels gentle yoga class combining a flow with restorative postures. Reiki will be offered to participants while in restorative postures. Reiki means “Universal Life Force Energy.” It is a type of alternative healing that focuses on the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of the participant. It can help relax and offer relief to the body from illnesses and discomfort whether physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Reiki will be administered by Tiffany (Level 2 Reiki Practitioner), and Yoga will be led by Lori (Basic Level Workshop)

PiYo - PiYo is a hybrid, athletic workout, which combines faster paced yoga and pilates-inspired movements for people who like to sweat!  It is designed to improve balance, strength and flexibility. The class is split into 10 sections, set to pop music, and is one hour in length. Beginners can modify movements and the advanced can challenge themselves. (Basic to Moderate Levels)

Note:  Pre-Registration for Yogi Sprouts is required at least one day in advance so that the teacher is able to plan for varied numbers and ages.