Weekly Yoga Class Descriptions

Hot Yoga -  For this class, the room will be heated to 90 degrees F. Students in this class will work to find deeper stretches, a more intense yoga practice, and a release of stress. There will be an opportunity to work more advanced postures into your practice in this class. Bring a towel and plenty of water. (Moderate - Ages 16 and Up - Some Yoga Experience Recommended - Class moves w/ some cueing of poses, but not as much as a more beginner-oriented class)

Lunchtime Express Yoga - This 45-minute class allows for a mid-day recharge, stretch, and opportunity for strength building. (All Levels - No yoga experience necessary, but also appropriate for those with yoga experience) (This class is $11 online reg / $10 cash drop in rate)

Power Yoga - Building inner heat, this class will focus on strength. The class may explores inversions and arm balances along with a creative flow of basic to intermediate asanas. Bring a towel and plenty of water. (Moderate/Intermediate - Ages 16 and Up - Class not recommended for beginners but for those with at least some experience - Class moves w/ some cueing of poses, but not as much as a more beginner-oriented class ) 

Toddler Yoga - This class is for children 18 months - 3 years old. The child and caregiver should be dressed in comfortable clothes that are easy to move in as we will incorporate a variety of stories, poses, breathing techniques, games, music, dancing, art, meditation, and relaxation into each 30-minute class.

Yoga for Beginners - New to yoga? Not new but would like to get back to basics? This is the class for you.

Yoga-Inspired Interval Training - This first-thing-in-the-morning is a 45-minute class that begins with stretches and twists but then jumps right into some high intensity reps inspired from yoga asanas that will get your blood pumping as you build strength and stamina. The class closes with a yoga flow to stretch and cool down. This one is $10 cash / $11 pre-reg online.

Reiki and Meditation

Sound Meditation - Come join us for a fun instrumental group meditation experience! Here we will gather and play with a variety of musical instruments and sounds to activate our rhythmic meditation. This is a fun class for all and no experience needed. All ages are welcome, and participants are welcome to stay for the entire hour or just a few minutes, depending upon personal preference. Playing an instrument is optional. Instruments will be onsite to use, or you may bring your own. You are also welcome to bring your own cushion to sit on during the meditation experience.

Reiki Recharge - Reiki is a hands on energy transference healing based on the “Universal Life Force Energy” that naturally flows through the body. A Recharge Session only takes a few minutes, depending on the client’s individual needs, and it’s typically administered while sitting in a chair. This short session will relax the mind and body while recharging energy and balancing the Chakras. Reiki treats the body, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation, physical healing, and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. (Walk-ins welcome, first come first served).

Reiki Healing Full Sessions - See our menu bar at the very top of the page to learn more and to schedule your session.

Workshops and Special Events

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Arm Balance Workshop - Join Heidi for a workshop on doing yoga arm balances. You will first and foremost have fun as you play around with a variety of arm balance poses. It doesn’t matter if your feet ever leave the ground or if you are flying already. You will benefit from this workshop as you learn how to set up and move in the direction of lifting off into various arm balance poses with possible modifications and variations. We will stretch, warm up and work on the foundational elements of arm balances as well as explore poses to improve strength in the areas most vital to arm balances. Come and enjoy challenging yourself with these fun and daring poses.  $20/person 

Donation-Based Yoga - This is an All-Levels class that is offered periodically when we can fit it into our schedules. The idea of donation-based yoga is to make yoga accessible to everyone, without financial limitations. We truly believe that yoga can benefit everybody.

Family Yoga Workshop - This is a great way to spend some time bonding with your family! Each family must consist of at least one adult and one child. During class each family will work on breathing and relaxation techniques, meditation exercises, group and partner poses, setting intentions as a family, games and other team building activities.

Yoga and Essential Oils Workshop for Spring - This workshop combines all levels yoga with the experience of using and learning about essential oils that are great for spring. Each registrant participant will get to make and take a roller bottle of essential oils after the yoga portion of the class.

Yogi Sprouts - For kids aged 5-12 to come have fun with yoga. Heidi Zalewski will help them to build strength and flexibility while learning to connect to the breath and to calm and relax the mind and both. Full session pre-registration required by 3/31. Mondays 4:30-5:30pm April 1, 8, 15, and 29 (no class the day after Easter). $50 for session.

Restorative Yoga Workshop - This class is meant to help you find deep relaxation and comfort in your body and mind. Come prepared to rest in yoga poses to deepen your ability to stretch. Instructor will off essential oils to be applied during class.

PiYo - PiYo is a hybrid, athletic workout, which combines faster paced yoga and pilates-inspired movements for people who like to sweat!  It is designed to improve balance, strength and flexibility. The class is split into 10 sections, set to pop music, and is one hour in length. Beginners can modify movements and the advanced can challenge themselves. (Basic to Moderate Levels) Offered Periodically.