Whole Body Flow - Find balance in this class where we will quiet the mind connecting the mind and body through the breath in movement and stillness.  We will work to open, stretch, and strengthen the whole body holding poses to improve flexibility and strength and moving with the breath to find peace and calm. (Basic to Moderate)

Slow Flow and Restore -  This class serves to stretch the body, clear the mind, and work for balance through flowing sequences that move slowly and may hold poses for several breaths.  The last part of class involves a series of restorative poses to enhance deep relaxation (Basic Level)

Morning Flow - Rise and Shine by beginning your day with a yoga class that will ease out the kinks while building strength along the way.  Attention is paid to alignment and the breath while moving from one posture to another.  (Basic to Moderate)

Level 1 - Good for the student who has done some yoga already, this class pays attention to foundation and alignment but moves a bit of a faster pace than a Basics class.  New poses and patterns of flow will be introduced.  (Basic Moderate)

Yoga Flow -  Vinyasa: In this class we will connect the mind and body through the breath and movement. We will prepare the body through poses and sun salutations focusing on alignment and transitions and then build on this developing a sequence to flow through with the breath and mindful awareness.  (Moderate Level)

PiYo - PiYo is a hybrid, athletic workout, which combines faster paced yoga and pilates-inspired movements for people who like to sweat!  It is designed to improve balance, strength and flexibility. The class is split into 10 sections, set to pop music, and is one hour in length. Beginners can modify movements and the advanced can challenge themselves. (Basic to Moderate Levels)

Basics - With the new yogi in mind or or anyone who wants to go back to explore the basics for the sake of alignment and foundation.  We move slower with emphasis on the pose, alignment, and foundation.  (Beginner and Beyond)

Yoga w/ my Mini Yogi - This class is for a child and her/his adult to practice yoga together.  Appropriate for ages 18 mos. to 4yrs, we will stretch, balance, and make shapes with our bodies to music.  Pre-Registration at least one day in advance is required so that the teacher is able to plan for varied numbers and ages.

Fri-YAY! Yoga - Come practice with us for this all-levels, light-hearted class to end the week.  You are welcome to bring your 12yo or older child who has yoga experience.  Energize and then wind down with essential oils for savasana. (All Levels)

Power Yoga - Building inner heat, this class will focus on strength and a quicker movement with the breath, finishing with deep stretching.  (Moderate) 

Yogi Sprouts -

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Note:  Pre-Registration for Yogi Sprouts is required at least one day in advance so that the teacher is able to plan for varied numbers and ages.

Yoga and a Movie - Wonder Woman



Friday, September 28 6-9pm

Attend a tweaked version of Fri-YAY! Yoga (same fun all-levels class) with Wonder Woman themed postures, mantras, and moxie.  Then, after class, stay for our screening of the movie.  BYO movie snacks.