Attending your first yoga class or your first class in a new setting could feel intimidating. You might feel like everyone will know each other already or that you might be the least experienced person there and won’t be able to follow in class. The thing is, with yoga it’s all about you and your practice. Yoga is a very individual practice, and teachers honor that in their students. It’s what makes the experience meaningful to everyone in the room. Know that you are welcome and that we at Sankulpa Yoga want your experience in our classes and workshops to be meaningful to you, worth your time, and to give you the dose of mindful peace that we all need in addition to whatever the class is described to offer physically.

There are some things to keep in mind to help make your experience rich as well as to honor the sacred space for the others in the room as well. Please read on:

  • Please arrive 10 minutes early or so. Prior to then, the teacher will be preparing the space for class. The studio will be closed until 15 minutes prior to class. Allow yourself enough time to settle in, stretch, take some breaths, and find some quiet before class begins. Sometimes life throws you a curve, and if you must enter late, please do so quietly. Know that arriving earlier will allow you to have a better experience.

  • Leave your shoes in the hallway outside the studio. Phones should be silenced.

  • Please use hushed voices while in the studio. Talking kept to a minimum is best so that you may enter a mindful state and allow others to do the same. The peace and quiet is part of what makes yoga class a special experience.

  • Read the class description before attending a class. More advanced classes will be treated as such. Basic and All Levels classes are meant for beginners and more experienced yoga students.

  • Please ask questions as necessary, and remember that practice makes progress.

We look forward to practicing with you.