A Sankulpa is a promise to yourself.  It is personal and holds a special meaning for you.  The power of a sankulpa is that it clearly defines a goal.  Sankulpa Yoga was created to help people learn how the practice of yoga can enrich their lives.  

Every teacher has his or her own style, and his or her own yoga lineage that we tend to follow.   We encourage our students at Sankulpa Yoga Center to HONOR their bodies and move in a way that feels good to them. It is our job to make sure they are being safe and that their alignment is safe, but we are not there to manipulate their bodies in a way that we think yoga SHOULD look.

We are looking for teachers who embody the mission of our yoga center to teach classes and lead workshops of various types.  We are now accepting applications for positions to be filled by the middle of May for classes to begin in June.  Please read further to learn more.  We look forward to hearing from you!

  Teacher Qualities and Skills:

  • Teachers trained under a Yoga Alliance - approved program with a minimum of 200 hours will be given preference in the hiring process.  Teachers trained in other approved programs are also welcome to apply.

  • All teachers must carry their own yoga teacher insurance and must provide proof of this insurance.

  • Sankulpa Yoga teachers will continue to be students of yoga by taking classes and workshops (in any location or by virtual means).

  • Sankulpa Yoga Center teachers will exhibit excellent skills in the following areas:

    • Knowledge of at least one yoga discipline

    • Alignment Principles

    • Knowledge of how the body works in order to both enhance the practice and to avoid injury

    • Nurture and encourage growth in our students.

    • A willingness and ability to modify classes based upon the students who attend the class

    • Exhibit people skills

    • Foster a nurturing environment that allows people to find their yoga home at Sankulpa Yoga Center. The yoga space is a sacred personal space for all who enter it. It is our privilege at Sankulpa Yoga Center to foster that freedom.

    • Communicate in a timely manner, help fill in for each other when possible, lift up other teachers and their classes, be a part of a cohesive team

 Teacher Duties:

  • Arrive for class at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled class time to prepare the space and to check in and greet your students.

  • Collect necessary payment prior to class from all students.  If a situation arises, collect payment and refer student to yoga center owner to resolve any conflict later.

  • Leave the yoga space clean and ready for the next class.  Close up and lock up if there is no class to follow yours.

  • If necessary to miss a class you teach, find a sub within our Sankulpa Yoga Center team of teachers by using our communication app.

  • Learn how to use the scheduling software and to work through student payments.

  • Promote your classes through your social media platforms, by word of mouth, and/or whatever other methods you like to use.  The greater your classes are attended, the better the success for you as a teacher, for the community, and for us as a yoga center.  Walk-ins as well as pre-registered students will be accepted for classes.  Workshops will be open to pre-registered students only.

What Teachers Can Expect:

  • Compensation

    • When Teaching Group Yoga Classes:  

      • 1-4 students in attendance = $20

      • $5 per student for each additional student in attendance (The maximum number of students will be determined prior to our opening....right now it looks to be between 15 and 20.)

      • At this time, if no students attend a class, there will be no compensation for that class.  The goal is that as we build the yoga center, this element of compensation will be revisited.   

    • When Leading Workshops:

      • Yoga teacher receives 60% of registration fees collected

      • If a workshop has no registrants, it will be canceled ahead of time.

  • Sankulpa Yoga will do its part to promote your classes and workshops on its website, in the yoga center, and on social media platforms.

  • Private Clients

    • Teachers will be offered opportunities to take on private yoga class clients as they arise.  (Compensation and opportunity to be determined based upon teacher's experience and training.)

  • Teachers can count on an owner who believes that the center's community success is only as great as the quality and energy of its teachers.  That means that I am here to discuss your ideas and any issue that arises.

  • As a Perk, Sankulpa Yoga Teachers May Attend Classes for Free and Workshops at a Discount:

    • Sankulpa Yoga Center Teachers may take any regular class for free.  (Teachers will not receive a per head compensation for our teachers who attend class.)

    • Sankulpa Yoga Center Teachers may register for any workshop at 60% of the registration fee (the portion that goes to the instructor of the workshop).

    • Note:  Teachers will always be welcome to classes and workshops as long as we do not have to turn away students in order to make space for teachers.

In Addition:

  • Sankulpa Yoga Center is open and welcoming to all who enter for the purpose of taking our classes.

  • We will not engage in discussion of divisive ideology so as to serve as a bastion of peace for our community.  One of our assets is our diversity. In order to foster that, we will check our ideological differences at the door.  This goes for Sankulpa Yoga Center ownership as well as its teachers.

If you would like to apply to be a teacher at Sankulpa Yoga Center, please fill out and submit the form below.  We will contact you shortly.  Thank you for your interest!  

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