Yoga Poses Notes from Class

Seated Poses

Easy Pose (criss cross applesauce)

Butterfly Pose (sole of feet together and knees out and toward the ground)

Big Wheels (upper body twists from easy pose or kneeling)

Child's Pose 

Seated Forward Fold

Cat/Cow (from tabletop)

Spinal Balance (from tabletop)

Standing Poses

Strength Poses

Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

Upward Facing Salute


Forward Fold

Rag Doll (forward fold with wider legs, heavy upper body, sway back and forth)

Monkey Pose (halfway lift from forward fold)

Power Poses

Warrior 1, 2, 3

Goddess Pose

Supine Poses (Lying Down)

Stretch Out / Hug In

Supine Pigeon

Supine Butterfly

Windshield Wiper Twists

Supported Bridge


Legs up the Wall


Balance Helpers

Flex Lifted Foot

Reach Through Heel of Lifted Leg

"Hug In" flesh and muscles toward the bone (without clenching.....keep jaw relaxed)

"Grow Roots" through planted foot

Lift crown of head toward the ceiling


Begin Seated (2-3 poses and twists)

Add Tabletop Poses (optional)

Stand Poses (2-3 poses / twists / balance)

Return to seated for closing poses (maybe focus on the breath here)

Savasana (with our without visualization or guided meditation)