Yoga for Runners and The Best Essential Oils for Sore Muscles


Yoga for Runners…..It’s part training and part relief.

Welcome to training season for spring marathons, half-marathons, and other races or physical endurance events! That means extra miles and increased strength training, which can take a toll on the body. Some of the main complaints of distance runners are sore hips, discomfort in the low back, and knee pain. Although I’m definitely not a sports medicine specialist, I am a distance runner who’s had my share of the pain complaints that I just listed….and a trained yoga teacher. Of course I see my PT and a doctor in the cases of injuries and rehabbing, but what keeps me going and provides comfort to my body is yoga.

Almost any yoga class can benefit runners, including those at Sankulpa Yoga, and we work to focus on the psoas muscle group (associated with the hip flexors to some extent), the IT bands, and using breath to best benefit our movements, including running. If our class schedule doesn’t work for you this month, then let’s talk about a private lesson….or you and some friends, colleagues, or running buddies can set up a small group class with us. We try to be flexible (pun intended) , because we really want everyone to be able to experience all that yoga can do for us in body and mind.

The Best Essential Oils for Sore Muscles

This topic isn’t exclusive to runners! It’s for everyone. Achey joints are a part of life, but that’s no reason to just live with it that way. Yoga is great for finding ease in your body, and so are essential oils. That’s why we often combine the two. There are so many choices here to try. Right now, I’m loving putting a drop of Frankincense and a drop of Wintergreen Young Living Essential Oils into my hand with lotion after the shower post-run or post-work out or yoga class. I actually did this about an hour ago, and I can feel the difference in my leg muscles as I write up this post. Other options include Lavender (with the bonus of also helping to ease the mind), both Roman and German Chamomiles (which also help eliminate swelling), and Rosemary (grounding too and one of my favorites).

From now until January 25, if you’d care to place a Young Living order with me, I’ll give you free shipping and 15% off the whole order. Just sent me an email or a Facebook message. (Happy to help if you have questions or would like suggestions….I love oils!)

We hope to see you at the studio this month. Please feel comfortable reaching out with any questions about class, yoga, or the studio. We really want to make serving you a success.

Also Coming Up:

Donation-Based Class to Benefit The Sharing Center - Monday, January 14 6:15-7:15pm. All Levels! Any donation amount will be accepted and 100% of class proceeds will be given to The Sharing Center to help those in need in our communities. This is a drop-in / cash only class.

Introduction to Yoga: Join Heidi for three Wednesdays this month (beginning next week!) to get the low down on yoga as a beginner. This is also a great refresher for non-beginners. After completing the workshop, students will get one free class of their choice at Sankulpa Yoga. The deadline to register is fast approaching.

Kids’ Yoga Options for January: We’ve got Yogi Sprouts and Pre-School Yoga for the kiddos to give them a foundation in mindfulness, play connected to yoga, body awareness, and balance. Registration deadlines are fast approaching!

Wishing you a Peaceful Week,