Spring Tweaks

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Spring is here.  Spring is here?  The calendar says yes, but the Wisconsin weather says not yet.  We are in between seasons, and that always makes me feel out of sorts.  When the weather and the season don't mesh, I'm moody and scattered.  Honestly, physically, I'm challenged too.  I feel wobbly and unsure with my footing these days.  

I feel like this is a personal ungraceful transition from hibernation through winter and emerging into spring.  Really.  I feel like that cranky, lumbering bear who is crawling out of a warm hiding place and a deep sleep into the light.  (Even though the last few months have been nothing like a warm peaceful rest like that bear got to take)

Ayurveda is a sister science to yoga.  It is one of the oldest known systems for healthy living.  It involves living life in tune to nature.  Ayurveda involves rituals for healthy living.  

Moving from winter to spring is what, in Ayurvedic tradition, is called the Kapha Season.  Depending upon your unique make up, the rituals for this season vary.  However, there are a few rituals that serve us all during this early spring season of Kapha.

1.  Shift your Diet - Try to eat more dry, pungent, and light foods to cleanse the heaviness of winter.  Berries and early greens are good to incorporate.

2.  Move - Start your day with exercise (a walk, a few sun salutations, yoga, whatever).  Keep it regular and somewhat light.  This helps us lighten our mood and to feel good in our skin.

3.  Find and Stick to a Routine for Personal Health - A few Ayurvedic practices involve tongue scraping, using a neti pot, and nostril oiling each morning.  The whole routine takes about five minutes.  If these are new practices for you, they may seem odd, but they all help to eliminate lots of toxins from the body (and help a lot with seasonal allergies).  

So, if you are up for some new rituals to try, I invite you to take in a little Ayurveda.  Who knows, it might help usher you into a fresh and energizing springtime this year.

Spring Yoga Retreat in Door County:  We still have spots available!  Check it out:  HERE.

Sankulpa Yoga Center News:  It looks like the new studio space will open June 1!  If building stays on schedule, then you can look forward to reading all about the classes we will offer and the schedule about a month before the opening.  Right now, I'm assembling a group of lovely yoga instructors who are going to offer a wonderful variety of classes to all ages, levels of yoga experience, and lots of different types of practices.  I can't wait to start teaching in the new space too!  I will keep you updated.  Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm.