Shape Shifting


Ever think you had it all figured out......and then the universe threw you a curveball?  That curve can send you end over end whether it's a positive or negative......or just unexpected.... change.  It's only February, and I've gotten a few curves so far already. 

The first curve was a scary one with lots of negative potential.  In the end, after a couple weeks of uncertainty, it turned out to be fine.  For that, I am grateful.  I'm sure you have had something like that happen (probably more than once) in your life.  The good that came of it was that I was given the opportunity to  appreciate all the positive things in my life.  The other was that I had the opportunity to take stock in what is important and what is discardable.  And then, I discarded with abandon.  Life is sweet, and life is full, and there's only so much space within each person to have room for what is important.  The rest must either go into the recycling or go into storage for later retrieval.

The second curve was realizing how much I loved hosting a yoga retreat.  I knew I'd enjoy it, but it felt even better than I'd anticipated.  Our Sankulpa Yoga Retreat for Renewal at The Abbey was such a wonderful weekend.  I can't wait to do more of retreats here, there, and everywhere.  (Here's all about the spring retreat.)

I feel like being open to accepting a shift in our view of ourselves and accepting a deviation from our plans when the universe offers something unexpected can be refreshing and exciting.  I have thought I'd figured out who I was a few times in my adult life, and it seems that every time I do, the winds of change start blowing.  That can feel unsettling.  But, I've found that if I just feel the breeze without flinching or trying to figure out what it all means, sometimes a beautiful shift is the result.  I wish the same for you.

The third curve?  Well. that's a surprise that is coming this spring.  I am having a hard time keeping this one under wraps, but some things deserve a big reveal.  Stay tuned.


Wishing you a beautiful week ahead.





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