What are your Intentions for 2019?


Such a daunting question, isn’t it? I’m often tempted to scrap the whole idea of setting an intention, because….quite frankly, life usually throws a curve that makes that intention out of context with where I was when I set it. For example, my intention word for 2018 was Ease. Well, 2018 decided to LOL all over my intention word and throw many obstacles in the path of trying to embrace Ease. However, in retrospect, had I not chosen that particular intention word, 2018 would have been really tough. Instead, I really worked toward putting some ease into my craziness. And, you know what? 2018 ended up being pretty great. I think it’s because I allowed myself to “let that shit go,” (in the words of a wise, wise friend) as often as I needed. So, I keep making the annual New Year’s Intention to guide me through the year. It hasn’t failed me yet.

And here we are again. The Winter Solstice has passed. That was a time to let go of what hasn’t served you over the last year. The New Year is a time to set a new intention. As for the time in between where we happen to be now? It’s a time to listen, to rest, to become centered……and a time to wait for that new intention word for 2019 to come to you. Mine came to me like a thunderbolt while the class I was teaching earlier this week was in Savasana. I look forward to making that word my official intention on New Year’s Day during our Intention Setting Yoga Class. Maybe you’d like to join us?

Our January schedule is up on the website! We have some new offerings next month and some old favorites are returning. There are also class packages available for you or as a gift. Not feeling confident about attending a yoga class? Let Heidi’s Intro to Yoga get you there. Three sessions and then a free yoga class of your choice upon completion is what you get.

There is still time to book your Chakra Balance Reiki session TODAY with Tiffany (December 29) between 3-6pm. This is a wonderful opportunity to enter the New Year with balance.

We are loving the space we are creating at Sankulpa Yoga, and I believe we are offering something wonderful to our community: the opportunity to live a more centered, peaceful, and healthful life. If you haven’t joined us yet, please do! And if you love what you find there, please help spread the word.

Wishing you a New Year of Peace, Good Health, and Mindfulness,