The Blog is Back - with Gratitude


The last official blog post was back in the beginning of April. I’ve sent out several newsletters to subscribers since then, but I’ve missed our blog. Life has been, well…. busy! and interesting in a good way since then. I enjoyed it all, but it’s good to be back to some basics for now.

Speaking of basics, we have been exploring the Yamas of yoga in classes starting last week. The Yamas are an ancient set of societal “don’ts” that can help us gain the self-awareness to transform negative energy into a sense of peace. Last week, we worked the principle of Ahimsa (non-harming) into our practices, and this week, we’ve addressed Satya (truthfulness) in some of our classes.

In Sanskrit, “sat” means “that which exists, that which is.” Satya, in turn, means “truthfulness”—seeing and reporting things as they are rather than the way we would like them to be. In practicing the principle of Satya, the goal is to recognize the cascade of fears and other negative emotions that prompt us to twist reality. Once we have understood and processed these fears, our thoughts, speech, and actions can be realigned with the truth. The goal is to dismiss non-truths, which may attempt to flood our consciousness as well as to speak truthfully ourselves with kindness, compassion, and clarity.

This season of gratitude and thankfulness seems like a good time to look inward and to be honest with ourselves by bringing objectivity and deeper examination more openly into our lives.

Practicing balance poses is a great nod to Satya. For each pose, plant your weight through your entire standing foot and grow long in your spine as you extend your crown upward and your tailbone downward. Keep your pelvis untipped. For W3, begin to lean forward, continue to reach through your crown and from the heel of the foot you’ve raised. For Tree Pose, open one knee to the side and slip that foot up the inside of your leg. Keep your hips even with each other. Find that balance. Breathe. Accept the truth of the pose, show yourself gratitude for trying it, and move on. Satya keeps it real.


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