Wow, there's a lot of bad shit going on everywhere.  Am I right?  That is NOT a very ZEN statement, and I apologize.  But don't worry; I'm getting there.  

For all of you who feel beaten down, tired of the headlines, weary of avoiding people who have vehemently opposing views, and just plain tired of the discord, I feel you.

But....(here's the ZEN part!).....if it weren't for all the bad shit, we wouldn't:

1.  Look harder for the GOOD SHIT,

2.  Dig down deep inside ourselves to think long and hard about who we are and what we believe,

3.  Take the time to sift through what really matters and let some of the other stuff drift on off into the universe.

WHAT???!!!!  You haven't tried #3?  That's the key to everything.  To Everything!  And here is where I invite you to try it.  I'm not suggesting that you let go of things that are necessary.  What I'm suggesting is to say NO when you have reached your limit (or even better, slightly before you reach your limit).  Yes, there is great need for everyone to jump in and do his/her/their part to help in the community, but YOU are not responsible for all of it.  AND....YOU are not to feel guilty for not doing more, if you are doing something of value.  Let that guilt drift on off into the universe too.

Be kind to yourself.  Do your part, and feel how it makes the world around you slightly kinder, slightly less needy, slightly more healed.  If everyone does a little bit, that goes a long way.  And.... finding a way to put a little yoga into your life can only help.



image courtesy pixabay.com