Road Trip!

We will be in Tennessee when this blog post reaches you.  Taking a road trip is always fun, and this one should be no different.  Everyone piles into the mini van (dog too), and we head out with snacks, knitting (me), and a sense of adventure for the whole family.  Solo road trips are fun too, especially if you are heading toward a fun event or fun people.

The only problem with this is..........figuring out how to maintain your yoga practice while on the road.  It is a challenge.  If flying instead of driving, taking a travel mat that folds into a suitcase is helpful.  Otherwise, lots of hotels have mats that guests can borrow or rent.

Then it's doing the yoga practice itself.  It would be fun to take a yoga class in a city you are visiting at a studio (and I'll let you know if I try that...would love to).  Otherwise, just free flow it.  Stretch and flow.  It might feel silly at first, but I'll bet it works out just fine.  The other option is to find a YouTube class that you like.  There are literally zillions.  It isn't the same as attending a class in person with a real live yoga instructor (like moi), but it has its advantages.  Two of my favorites on YouTube are Yoga with Adriene and Yoga by Candace.  If you try one of them, I'd love to know what you think.

I'll be thinking about you while I'm getting my yoga on in Tennessee and hoping that you are finding your practice too while I'm gone.