Mercury In Retrograde: A Good Time for Self Care

So, how has the last month gone for you?  Not so good?  I'm hear to tell you that you are not alone.  I mean, everything is relative, and one person's not so good month might be a lot better than someone else's not so good month, but.......the planetary alignment was not really treating anyone kindly.

Mercury was in retrograde from April 9 through May 3 this year.  

What does that mean?  Literally, it means that during that time, mercury, the planet that is nearest to our sun and that orbits it the fastest, appears to be moving backwards.  It's not really, but because of how earth's and mercury's orbits run in relation to each other, every once in awhile, mercury's speed seems to slow enough to make it look like it's moving in the opposite direction around the sun.  This is a real thing.  I read about it on Nasa's website.

The argument is whether or not mercury's retrograde phases effect our lives.  Scientific research says no, but it really seems otherwise.  I challenge you to look back on your life from April 9 through May 3.  As for me, I fell down the stairs, we had a variety of viruses run through the house, the dog randomly threw up a lot, we had an onslaught of carpenter ants in the kitchen, and a few other things that went wrong all in an amazing cluster of misfortune.  Nothing major, mind you, but it was irritating just the same.  

Whether mercury is in retrograde or not, it's important to take care of yourself.  Not only should you do this so that you can be better for the people around you, but do it for yourself and for yourself alone.  It's your life.  You deserve to get rid of the gunk and to savor the nice little moments that you create for yourself.  Yes, you do have time.  Please take 5-15 minutes a day this week to do something good for you.  Take more time if you can, but be religious about the 5-15 minute daily minimum.  And then continue doing that every week.  I guarantee that you will notice a change for the positive.

Yoga for Self Care

Ksepana Mudra to remove negativity:  Make sure your left thumb is on top of the right.  Take this mudra when you need to find positive thoughts, release negative experiences, and escape from depression or anxiety.  


Child's Pose for feelings of safety:  (Balasana) You can try this with knees wide or closer together.  Arms can be reaching forward for a good armpit stretch, down along your side body, or whatever pose feels good for you.  Deep and even breathing will enhance the benefits of the pose.

Standing Half Forward Fold for grounding and balance:  (Ardha Uttanasana)  Press into the ground with all four corners of your feet, and use the strength of your legs to fold forward (exhale) and to stand straight (inhale).  

Supported Bridge Pose:  (Salamba Setu Bandha Sarvangasana) to reduce anxiety and for restorative purposes.  Feet are parallel and shoulder blades slightly tucked underneath the body.  Left your chin away from your chest, but keep the back of the neck long.  Place a block or cushion underneath the flat portion of your low back (the sacrum) and breath evenly in this pose for 5 mins or longer.

Supported Savasana:  Support your back, shoulders, neck, and head during savasana.  Let go of your thoughts and pay no mind to your thoughts as you restore here for 5-10 minutes.  Savasana is said to be the most important yoga pose.  

The next time mercury will be in retrograde is August 13 - September 5.  Practice your self care from now until then, and you will be ready!


photo of mercury courtesy

supported savasana is photobombed by Riley, our relatively lazy golden retriever