Slowing to a Stop

Man, did I ever have big plans for this past week!  Fun, new yoga sequencing to practice for classes, a new Pre-School Yoga marketing campaign to kick off, and exploring a possible weekend retreat locale for the near future were all things marked in my planner.  Big and Fun and Busy!  I also had a blog post planned in honor of Spring and Easter and New Beginnings and Fresh Starts.  (Yes, with all of those capital letters too....)

That all came to a crashing halt last weekend.  I was skipping away down the stairs to tell Rob something when I slipped off the last one, fell hard onto the landing and caught my low back on the edge of a step.  The pain was instant and intense, and Rob had to help me get up off the floor. 

What ensued were days of being forced to S-T-O-P.  No bending down to pick up something off the floor, no reaching up to get something off a shelf.  I couldn't even lie down, let alone teach a yoga class!  Everything was very slow and very limited.  It drove me crazy for two whole days.  On the third day, I decided that there was nothing else to do but embrace the experience and give in to it.  I found the chair in my house that allowed me to sit down and stand up most easily and did started doing this:

If you know me, you know that yoga and running are my happy places.  They are my "get out the crabbiness," "time to think or not think," "being alone time" things that I love to do.  Obviously, that's out of the question for now....even as this post is published.  I know people who are battling real life long term stillness due to illness or injury, and I do not confuse my temporary injury to their journey.  

As I slowly heal, we are rescheduling the visit to the possible retreat site (It's gonna be beautiful!!), and I mailed my marketing materials to area pre-schools a couple of days later than planned.  I even revamped parts of the Sankulpa Yoga website and added online payment options.  Take a look at it!  The week was by no means a loss in progress!

It's been easier to do the every day things as the days go on.  I'm allowing myself time to mull over, ponder, and reschedule.  In the process, I am finding that this is truly the best Spring-New Beginning-Fresh Start that I've had the opportunity to experience in awhile.  There's something to be said for slowing to a stop for a little bit and being content with what develops.

Wishing you a week of something new and hopeful.