Magical Lands

Last week, I was fortunate enough to take a trip back to one of my favorite places on Earth.  And this time, I took my people with me to share the beauty and peace that I experienced there last time.  I love Costa Rica.  It's an easy place to be.  It's beautiful.  I've only encountered Costa Rican citizens who are kind and helpful to outsiders like us.  They respect the environment and take good care of preserving it.  In fact, Costa Rica has one of the most perfect eco-systems on earth in which humans are present.  They abolished the army in 1948 in order to avoid civil wars, and they refer to themselves as "The Happiest Country."   They just do it right, I think.   We learned a lot from listening to our guides and just by watching the animals that were literally everywhere.

And there's a beautiful surprise around almost every corner.......

Scarlet Macaws squawk at each other incessantly.  Moral:  Flashy squawkers are fun to watch, so if you make a spectacle of yourself, be sure to prepare for constant scrutiny.  (They also mate for life....and they act like a squawky couple who need a little bit of space once in awhile.)

If you find yourself upside down, just grab on and enjoy the view while you are there........

Eventually, you will turn things around.  Just take your time and put one paw in front of the other.....slowly like a three-toed sloth.  Moral:  We all figure it out....just at our own pace.

Capuchins are the cutest creatures and the most mischievous.  We learned that one should not be a bad guest by bringing a picnic in to the national park, because the monkeys might distract you and then steal your lunch and then mess up the eco-system with processed food-laced poop and litter. The hungry, well-behaved guests enjoyed watching the plight of the picnickers.  Moral:  When you visit someone else's personal space, show a little respect, damnit.

The big, loud, scary sounding ones are sometimes only acting blustery on the outside to cover up a gentle heart, like the howler monkey.  They woke us out of a sound sleep with the most frightening and loud calls (several times in several nights).  They also start to make their macho calls when they hear trucks or chainsaws or other loud noises in order to fake machismo for bravery.  But when we saw them outside our room the next morning, they were just little babies trying to get some sleep.  Moral:  Get to know someone and don't judge their actions before you know why they act the way they do.  

This week, I aim to hold close the experiences and the simple life lessons that played out in front of me, my husband, and my children in Costa Rica.  Simplicity and purity of spirit are going to be my themes for the week.  I wish for you the same.

Pura Vida,