Spring Happenings at Sankulpa Yoga

Spring, a new beginning every year.......With that usually comes a desire to move more, stretch our legs, find a way to find more energy.

Yoga might be your answer for that.

I am taking this week's blog post as an opportunity to share with you what Sankulpa Yoga offers to yogis of all experience levels and ages.  Next week's post will resume its normal yoga content. Thanks for indulging me this week (and maybe for helping to grow my business....please read further...)

Yoga Classes

I've had a small tribe follow me through the winter, and we have room for a couple more yogis in our Tuesday evening class at my cozy Sankulpa Yoga studio.  (See calendar for details.)

If morning yoga is more your jam, there's a nice Vinyasa Flow class that I can share with you on Monday mornings at Wildroots in Salem, WI.  (See calendar for details.)

And soon....when the weather permits.....I will go back to the Pringle Nature Center in Bristol, WI for one outdoor yoga class each week.  (Your input of a weekly day and time will help me to determine when to hold this class.)

Additionally, I've begun to sub classes at The Yoga Effect in Grayslake, IL, which I consider to be my home studio, because it is where I did my yoga teacher training.  I will post classes I sub on my Facebook page.

Pre School Mini Yogis

I've been teaching yoga to three year olds for the past four months or so at a lovely local preschool/daycare, and I'd love to add a couple more on a weekly basis.  If you know or work at a daycare or preschool that might like to add yoga to the mix, please reach out to me.  If your help ends up in an ongoing teaching gig for me, you will get a finder's cash reward.

Yoga for Athletes

Yoga for your or your child's athletic team is a great idea.  Yoga helps to build strength, avoid injury, improve balance, and cultivate focus.  I work with teams and individual athletes with their unique needs in mind.  If your help ends up in an ongoing training gig for me, you will get a finder's cash reward.

Yoga in Schools Workshop

Yoga in Schools Workshop for Teachers is ready to go!  I've taught it at Carthage College and am ready to take it to the schools.  I would la-la-love your help in getting the word out.  This workshop is designed as a half day training, but I can tailor it to meet the needs of your school to a short or longer length.  We cover mindfulness, breathing, and yoga movements to help students focus, find calm, be the boss of their bodies, and more.  THIS is the number one reason I trained to become a yoga teacher.  If your school would be interested to discuss having me provide this workshop, I would love to deliver for you.  If your help ends up in workshop for me, you will get a finder's cash reward.

Please refer to the website for all that Sankulpa Yoga offers.

Thank you for your continued support for following my blog.  Please feel free to comment below to further the conversation (and click to like!)

Peace and Light to You This Week,