Winter Solstice


This Thursday morning at around 10:30, the Winter Solstice arrives.  I'm pretty stoked, too.  What's the big deal, you might ask?

The Winter Solstice is symbolic of a "return to light."  This is the day that is the shortest and darkest of the year.  It is a day to go inward.  Reflect on the past year and take a good look at ourselves.  I'm not talking about being critical.  What I mean is to be present and ask yourself if you are being good to yourself.  Are you hanging on to things that make you feel stress or sadness?  Are you able to let go of these things and enter into a lightness of heart and spirit?  

After our shortest day of light, the days get progressively longer, little by little as we move toward a season of renewal:  Springtime.  Not to say we want to chase away the winter with all its ability to bring us together for warmth and rest due to the weather, but we look at this season as one of cocooning, of drawing in for heart, hearth, and home.  The darkness isn't negative, either, but just offers a quieter space for growth.  Restore and renew for the lightness to come as the earth begins to wake up and also renew.   

Honestly, there is so much opportunity for metaphor here, that it really is almost too much for my former English teacher self to bear!  

But, please make this Winter Solstice YOURS.  There are so many ways to welcome that day of quiet dark before the light in your own life.  Journal, wear your coziest sweater, burn a yule log, take a meditative walk, cook come comfort food.  Whatever.  All I suggest is that you honor the day and show yourself some love.




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