The Big Chill

It happened again.  The warm weather has ended, and cold is creeping in for the season.  If you are a winter person, then this is outstanding news for you!  If you are more of a summer person, then....well.


There is something we can all do to combat the effects of the cold on our bodies.  Whether young or more mature, cold weather tends to stiffen our joints.  If you take a few Yoga Breaks throughout your day, I promise that you will feel a difference and more comfort in your body.  

5 minutes total, and you are set:

Begin with a thought of gratitude toward something in your life.

Cat/Cow - Standing, table top pose, or seated works just fine.  Inhale shoulder blades toward each other, tailbone lifted, head back.  Exhale drop head and tailbone with shoulders forward and back rounded.  Repeat slowly with full breaths 5-7 times.

Forward Fold/Monkey Pose -  Exhale into a forward fold (you can stand or sit....maybe try both).  Knees can be slightly bent.  Let upper body hang heavy.  (Great way to let gravity unkink your neck).  Inhale halfway up, straightening legs, looking forward, sending shoulders back.  Repeat sequence with your breath 3-5 times.

Side Stretches - Stand tall and inhale arms straight overhead.  Exhale as you lean your upper body to one side.  Inhale back upright.  Exhale to other side.  Repeat slowly with your breath 3-5 times on each side.

Knee Hugs / Wrist Rolls / Ankle Rolls - Standing or seated, inhale to hug one knee straight in toward your chest.  If you are standing, lengthen through the opposite leg to also sneak in a hip flexor (psoas) stretch.  Take 5-7 slow breaths.  Release on an exhale and switch sides.  With your breath, take some slow wrist and ankles rolls in each direction.

Finish with a reconnecting to the thought of gratitude with which you began.

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