This week marked my very first speaking engagement at a conference as a yoga professional.  I had the pleasure of engaging a group of over 100 parents, caregivers, teachers, and health professionals at the Children Come First Conference put on by Wisconsin Family Ties in Wisconsin Dells.  The topic of my presentation was Mindfulness and Yoga geared toward helping kids (and those who love them) cultivate mindfulness as a tool for confidence, lessening stress, minimizing anxiety, finding patience, and nurturing peace.  Let me tell you this:  what a wonderful group (and a bunch of you signed up to follow this blog, so Hey Everyone!).  

During the drive home after my workshop session, I thought a lot about balance.  The people who attended my session are juggling a lot.  So are all of you.  We are told to put on our own air masks before we help the person next to us, but let's be honest.  You don't do that, and either do I.  The craziest part about that is we know that in order to care for our family members or to be on the top of our games at work, we need to make sure we take care of ourselves.  We.  Know.  That.  But.......we don't do it consistently.  Let's start.  I'm in if you're in.


I love to do balance work in my yoga practice.  It doesn't let me lie.  If I fall out of tree pose, I know it's because my equilibrium is OFF.  Yoga makes me take a hard look in the mirror of self care.  I love/hate that about yoga.  

So, as the season of doing-everything-for-everyone-else-and-wearing-yourself-down arrives, join me in taking balance checks for your mental, spiritual, and physical well-being.  My family was inspired on a trip to the UW-Madison campus to photograph the poses for this post.  

Tree Pose


Grounding and Liberating (Grow your roots by making your foundation strong with your standing foot.  Liberate yourself by extending through your crown and growing your branches.)




Your core is strong.  Bring your shoulders back and shoulder blades toward each other to keep your shoulders safe.  Look forward and breath.  If you choose, challenge yourself to send your elbows straight back and close to your body as you lower to within an inch or two of the ground.  

Headstand/Standing Split/ Handstand


The power is in your hands.  Place your weight there.  On all three, reach through your legs and feet.  More weight is in your hands than your head.  In the tripod pictured above, pull elbows toward each other.

Arm Balance


Be a little crazy and try a crow or a baby grasshopper.  The worst that can happen is that you won't be able to do it this time.  The best thing is that you will surprise yourself.

Warrior 3


Lift through that core and press through the foundation foot.  Play with your arm placement and feel the strength.  You are a warrior!  (One of my all time favorite poses)


Speaking of balance, please consider joining me for Sankulpa Yoga's very first weekend retreat.  The theme is Renewal....and that's all about finding balance.  It is going to be a wonderful weekend with lots of yoga, an iconic setting, awesome spa opportunities, delicious food and refreshments, some hygge, relaxation by the fire, excursions, whatever you want to do.  Read more HERE. 

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Peace and Light,