"She was an American girl, raised on promises........."


And so the song goes.  (RIP, Tom Petty)

Do you feel like you were raised on promises?  Ideas of what your life should be, could be, would be....if only?  If you were, what are the promises you were raised upon during your formative years?  And, most importantly, where did these promises come from?

If anyone other than you made promises about how your life would ultimately turn out, then your disappointment in the lack of fruition can only be blamed on one person.  Sorry, but yes, that person is you.

Make promises to yourself.  Keep them.  If you seek a healthier version of yourself, then make a plan and stick to it.  If you desire a way out of your job, then train or apply or think outside the box.  If there is a relationship in your life that is unhealthy, then sit down with that person to fix it or get the hell out of there.  Am I oversimplifying?  Sure.  But, your life is your one shot to do what you need to or want to do on this earth.  Do not squander it.  If this last couple of years has taught me anything, it's to value your people, take the leap, speak your mind, and dance when you are presented with the opportunity.  

Just promise me one one thing.....that you will keep a promise to yourself that counts.


Please join me for our first Yoga for Renewal Retreat.  It'll be great!  I honestly cannot wait to share this weekend retreat with you.  And if you are an educator, you can sign on for the one credit companion course too.  Contact me with any questions.  :)  And have a beautiful week.