Mindfulness and Perspective



Coming to you from St. Louis, MO!  I'm here for a softball tournament for my daughter with the whole family (minus Riley, the golden retriever love of our lives).  The weather has been cold for softball, but it's a new city for us to explore, and we are having fun.

Mindfulness and Perspective.  These two words have had a larger than average presence in my life recently.  I've been challenged with deciding what my purpose is supposed to be and with how to deal with a kick-to-the-gut realization.  But really, all of you have dealt with things like this.....and more.  I have a friend who is finishing chemotherapy for breast cancer this month.  She's a warrior.  Talk about mindfulness and perspective, right?  Send her some love and positive vibes, please.

Mindfulness allows us to "live in the moment" and to be present.  Perspective encourages us to take a look at where we are and to be honest about what we need to do with our circumstances in that moment.  Not easy.  And truly, everything is relative.  We can't discount our own sadness, fear, anxiety, worry because someone else might be suffering in a different way that we consider to be "more".  We need to be ok with acknowledging the shit we are wading through.  No wallowing.   Just accepting so that we can wade through to the other side and move on to better things.  

So, be kind to yourself as the days get shorter.  Be calm when the tides get rough.  Be sympathetic to yourself and to others around you,  We are all wading through something, and we can find unity through that at the very least.

I have a couple of lovely opportunities coming up to help you to be mindful, find perspective and be good to yourself.  Sign up if one (or both) sound right for you:

I'm teaching an Aromatherapy and Yoga workshop at Trillium Yoga in Antioch on November 11.  Read more about it and sign up here .  I think you might love it.

Also, I'm leading my very first yoga retreat.  It's Sankulpa's Yoga for Renewal Retreat, and I'm holding it at The Abbey on Lake Geneva during the first weekend of February.  Please join me.  I promise to make it the yoga retreat that you need in order to Relax, Refresh, and Renew.  Register here.  Contact me if you have any questions.  I would love to have you attend.  

Please find the small moments for gratitude, pleasure, and peace this week.  You deserve it, and this earth benefits from you being kind to yourself.

Namaste,  Lori