Where Are Your Roots?

So, are you someone who has lived in the same community forever?  Are most of your relatives within "borrow a cup of sugar" distance?  Did your kids go to the same elementary school that you attended?  OR, do you live in a community farther away from your home town?  Maybe even in a different state or another country?  Do you think of "family" as your favorite blood relatives combined with a cast of characters who you've adopted along the way (and who, if you are lucky, have adopted you back)?  Either way, you've got roots.  

You might be part of an heirloom plant that has come down through generations from the same seeds, or you might be a transplant.  It doesn't matter which, because your roots are as strong as you nurture them to be in your own unique soil. 

I'm a transplant.  Funny thing about that is I'm also a serious "home is where the heart is" person.  There are a handful of blood relatives who are my people, and I keep them close.  On the other hand, I feel fortunate to have also gained friends who have become my family too.  In addition, when I travel, I tend to bring my experiences back home so that they become a permanent part of me.  So, even though my roots have been transplanted, they are growing pretty deep.

But here's the thing, whether you are an heirloom or a transplant, when it comes right down to it, we are all responsible for establishing our own root system.  And that can be both a liberating and a terrifying concept.  At the beginning of every yoga practice, grounding is mindfully done by each practitioner.  We do this in order to build a solid foundation in order to avoid injury and to be able to shine out from a pose.  The same applies for the rest of life too.  Feeling grounded gives us a firm foundation on which to build our lives.  The roots of our foundation dig deeper, allowing us to grow stronger and brighter.  But how do we become grounded?  When you feel restless or anchor-less, what do you do to find the firm footing of your roots that steadies your foundation?

The Root Chakra, also known at Muladhara, might provide some help when you need to feel grounded.  Located at the base of your spine, the Root Chakra represents the place in our line of energy along the spine that is closest to the earth.  


Getting Grounded:  The Root Chakra

Deep Red is the color of the Root Chakra.  Red shoes, a red scarf or hat, keeping a red marble in your pocket are all upbeat reminders that you have roots and a strong foundation when you might be feeling otherwise.

Muladhara represents our most basic needs - survival and safety.  Finding that firm foundation for growth helps to combat the demon of the Root Chakra, which is fear.  Another way the Root Chakra can combat fear is with faith.  Reminding yourself of your basic, personal belief system through quiet reflection can be a most grounding experience.

The earth element of this chakra is a natural reminder for grounding.  Spending time digging n your garden, raking leaves, or just walking through your neighborhood can help to steady the restlessness within you.  

The earthy scents of Cedarwood, Clove, Vetiver, Black Pepper, and Valor essential oils are associated with the Root Chakra and are said to help one feel grounded and calmer.  I can vouch for them as being effective.  Rubies and garnets are precious and semi-precious stones that promote grounding as well.

A Yoga Pose for the Root Chakra:  Basic Seated Position with Grounding Mudra - Take a "good seat."  This means to sit on the ground with your legs crossed or, if that isn't  doing it for you, sit with your back against something solid and your legs out in front of you (or just sit in a good, hard chair).  Remove the fleshiness from your sits bones.  Yep, that means what it sounds like it means.  Move your butt cheek flesh so that the bone comes into contact with the sitting surface.  Doing this really makes a difference, because you will be more connected to the ground and more stable.  Now for the Mudra, take your hands, and place them palms up (maybe resting on your thighs).  Bring your ring finger to your thumb on each hand and extend the other fingers outward.  Close your eyes and take deep, slow breaths.  

As we come closer to the harvest season, the essence of home can be a grounding and peaceful place.  I hope the feelings of security and home may flow easily for you.  Sending peace and good thoughts your way this week as always.

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Wishing you a happy and peaceful week ahead!




**Chakra image courtesy of pixabay.com**