Full Moon Coming at You

The most common yoga in the western world is Hatha Yoga.  Ha means Sun, and Tha means Moon.  So, we've got Sun Saluations and Moon Salutations making a splash in the western world.  Is that the complete offering of yoga?  Not by far.  However, it's a good start, and since Sun Salutations and Moon Salutations are good flows, I'll take them. Sun Salutes are good for waking us up.  They stretch us out and offer us a way to welcome the day.  

Moon Salutes are a bit different.  People  do them when the moon is full sometimes.  Why?  Some believe that moon salutes harness the power of the full moon to center us.  Others use the full moon as a reminder to do moon salutes to honor the beauty of nature around us and to allow us to accept the power of nature's cycle into our lives.

Whatever you believe, the power of doing moon salutes within the cycle of the full moon is pretty cool.  Moon Salutes are said to be cooling.  Who can't use that in August?  Am I right?  Moon Salutes are said to honor the female side of each of us.  Yin and Yang.  That means in order to be in balance, we all have a male and female presence to honor.  Moon Salutations are also about balance in our lives.  

On Thursday, the morning 7:30 am Level 1/2 class and evening 6:00 pm Basics/Level 1 class will honor the full moon this week.  We will incorporate Moon Salutations into our classes.  Please join us if you can.   If you cannot join us, please find the full moon this week and think of it as a little reminder to embrace something new.  As you do, find deep bends and flowing side lunges while you let go of the pieces of your life that no longer serve you well.  

In all honesty, I don't know what power the full moon truly holds.   However, I believe that, at the very least, the full moon is a reminder to us to let go of the negative and to embrace the positive.  What can it hurt, at the very least, to do that?  Maybe your life finds a lightness that you never knew was possible.  I wish you wonderful new beginnings and steadfast continuations as you make your way through this week.  Let me know how the Moon Salutation benefits you.