Checking in: How are you doing?

Really, how are you doing?  Because, if you are like most people, when some asks, "How are you today?" you probably answer, "Fine, thanks" or "Good.  How are you?" without even thinking about it.  I am not suggesting that the polite "How are you" inquiry should elicit a detailed breakdown of your most recent introspective expedition.  I am, however, thinking that we need to consider this question at least once a day for our own personal well being.

Ask yourself the question, and then consider what you need in return.  Are you, in fact, doing well?  Maybe then you can pay it forward and spread the goodness with how you interact with someone else.  Maybe you feel run down.  Head to bed early or take a 15 minute sit-down with a book.  Nervous or anxious about something?  Talk to a friend or do some breathing exercises and a brief meditation.  Sad?  Have a good old fashioned cry.  

The important thing is to do what it is that you need to do for you.  All I'm saying is that we tend to be more concerned with what other people feel or need from us than we are to take the time to take care of our own basic needs of well being.  

You knew this was coming:  A little yoga in your life on a regular basis can help to make your answer of "I'm doing fine, thanks," the truth rather than a pat answer.  The movement of yoga asana, breath with pranayama, and the meditation that can come with a good practice might help you feel better.  Research shows that it will.  

Join us for Yoga in the Park if you can.....Look here for more information, and check here for our current schedule.  

Have a good week, and share what helps you to be well in the comments below, if you would care to share.


Do you have a tendency to get stressed and take yourself too seriously sometimes (or more often....)?  If you do, take a look at this post about Laughter Yoga.  I am not sure if I will ever try this, but laughing until I cry is one of my favorite but most elusive experiences.  

Yoga need not be taken very seriously, especially when we are beginners......actually not to be taken to seriously no matter where we are in our practice.  It's easy to get frustrated when we can't get into a pose that we want to find.  When that happens, the good of the yoga practice diminishes with our frustration.  What good is that?!  

So, remind yourself to go easy on yourself.  Enjoy and have fun whenever you can.  Life can get too serious, and we need to maintain the pieces of it that are light and and fun.  And sometimes we need to remind each other to do that.  :)