Announcing.....Yoga in the Park at Pringle Nature Center in Bristol Woods

I am pleased to report that I have completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training!

It was a wonderful experience that stretched my limits and inspired me to take a leap of faith into a new career path.  I feel so fortunate to have had Mara Campbell for my teacher and to have met  ten women in class who made the last six months even richer.  I'm glad to be finished, but I will miss my classes and the people in them.  


In other exciting news, I'd like to announce that Sankulpa Yoga will be offering Yoga in the Park classes at the Pringle Nature.  Located in Bristol Woods of Kenosha County, you will find us just north of the Illinois state line between I-94 and US 45.  We are conveniently located but tucked away for a peaceful experience. 


Classes begin July 6.  Sankulpa Yoga's website has been updated to include a calendar of classes (actually, it's a list of dates.....I'm still working on how to stick a calendar in there) and a detailed description of classes.  Classes will change as interest dictates over the months, and the schedule will vary from month to month as necessary.

After my proposal to teach yoga at Pringle was accepted, the naturalist, the director, and I sat down to iron out the details.  They are very accommodating, and I feel so fortunate that they are letting me fulfill one of my dreams on their site (one of my favorite places).  

In addition to classes, yoga will sometimes be offered to coincide with Pringle's programming.  I also hope to plan some fun programs in addition to classes.  One idea is a Moon Salutations Class during an upcoming full moon.  I love weaving the events of nature into yoga.  

So, loyal nineteen blog subscribers, as a thank you for subscribing to my blog and for showing your support in my new business, your first class in July is free.  You may drop in for any class in July that fits your yoga level.  I hope to see you there!

And, because you've been with me since the beginning (over a month now!), I value your input.  Please tell me what you like and what you'd like to see in addition to or instead of what is there.  And also, please share this website and classes with anyone who you think might benefit from it.   

I am completing this blog post on the evening I've finished yoga teacher training.  My final essay exam (60 questions!) and my final paper have been submitted.  I taught my practice class, and it's been evaluated.  Delaney's softball team is also hosting a big tournament this weekend, and we are working on that a lot too.  Somewhere in the mix of those things, Aidan has a lot to talk about that is important, the dog needs to get walked, the guys building our deck need ice water, the laundry needs attention, and Rob hasn't seen me without my laptop or anywhere other than a kid's ball game or practice for weeks ........

I'm not telling you anything shocking, am I?  No.  We are all busy with the richness of our unique lives.  Yoga helps me to deal with mine more calmly and with a better ability to appreciate the joy.  I hope that you will allow me to give you the gift that yoga gives me.  

I hope to see you dropping in at Yoga in the Park soon!  You are always welcome there, where you will find me, happy to be doing something that I love and striving to help to bring a little joy and peace to those who join me.   xxoo, Lori

Next week I will get back to putting real yoga in my blog posts with some great Chair Yoga for the office or at home or wherever you happen to be sitting.  See you then!