A Student Forever

As I'm coming to the end of my yoga teacher training, I'm gaining the perspective to look back at what I've been learning over the last five months.  LOTS of anatomy.  LOTS of memorizing what muscles do what and how they affect other muscles.  Fascinating study of fascia and the different types of joints we have and what they each mean for movement and injury potential.  And LOTS of yoga.  Yoga for beginners, yoga for kids, chair yoga, yoga to energize, pre-natal yoga, yoga to restore us....and more.  

Mostly, I've learned that I still have a lot to learn, you know that?  And maybe as someone trying to start a humble, little yoga business, it's a dumb idea to admit that.  But here's the thing:  All the stuff left to learn is one of the best things about yoga.  There will never, ever be an end to my learning.  With every piece that I learn, I find three more (or a dozen more) directions to go for further study.  

The image above reminds me of the path on which yoga is taking me.  Around each corner is a new twist.  Cutting through the center for a shortcut is pointless, because there are many interesting curves along the way.  Every time I think to myself, "Yes!  This is exactly what I want to do with yoga, "  WHAM-O!  I learn something else that shifts everything, because how could I ever leave behind the new cool thing that I've just learned?

An example is a workshop that I attended last weekend at Total Body Yoga that was led by Gabriel Halpren.  He is a world-renowned yoga teacher as well as yoga therapist.  It was an experience to be in the same room with this man and to listen to him speak.  The workshop was on restorative yoga and pranayama, which is a wonderful area of study having to do with breath.  Afterwards, I couldn't imagine not incorporating what I'd learned into my yoga teacher plans.  This past week, I observed a wonderful yoga teacher working with disabled young adults.  It was uplifting to see the joy on their faces and to feel the positive energy in the room.  How can I now not start to think about how to modify sequences for special populations?

Instead of feeling scattered and pulled in different directions, however, I feel more connected to the wholeness that is yoga.  I also feel more certainty that there isn't anyone who can't benefit from yoga.  Mostly what I think is how fortunate I am to be a part of this exciting community that is open to show and tell what they have learned with other yoga teachers and to let our personal practices grow by sharing with each other.  And I still have over a month to go before my training comes to a close, so there's just no telling what new paths I'll be pulled toward between now and then!

Wishing you a week ahead in which you learn something new that brightens your life.