No Crying over a Broken Yolk

Relax, you have not accidentally stumbled upon a blog with the writer posting her meals.....UNLESS, of course, that meal is a perfect metaphor for something! 

The other day, as I was making lunch and thinking about how to introduce my Sankulpa Yoga Blog with its first-ever post, I got sloppy and broke a yolk.  Here's a secret about me:  I used to be a bit of a nutter when it came to my food should be piping hot......messy sandwiches made me crabby......yolks needed to stay cetera.

As I stood there and watched the broken yolk try to take over the whole frying pan, I felt the old food control feelings start to creep in.......and then fizzle away into thin air.  

The metaphor here is that the broken yolk might represent a little bit of negative disorder that creeps into the moment.  The power of that negativity depends upon whether or not I choose to give it any of my energy.  

So, the yolk is just a metaphorical example.  But, it represents a bigger picture.  The broken yolks of my life have lost their power.  I don't need them anymore.  And, in all honesty, yoga is what helped me choose more calm and more tranquility.  It has helped me to choose peace and more happiness in my life (and for the lives of my family.....funny how that works, isn't it?)

By now, blog readers who have known me for a long time have fallen onto the floor, laughing.  But it's true.  I am calmer.  I do feel tranquility that once seemed totally inaccessible for me.  Can I access this state all the time?  No.  I can only dream that my studentship in yoga will eventually allow me to access something even half-way toward Samadhi, or that state that connects each of our individual consciousnesses to the Universal Consciousness with complete tranquility.......but I'm getting somewhat off-topic here.  

The point is that my old way of living was ruled by stress.  I gave stress so much power through my energy that it poisoned everything and stole my ability to live my life fully and wonderfully with the people I love and with the things I loved to do.  I wanted more inner peace and to be able to move through my days while being in the moment.  These are not just catch-phrases, people.  Did you know that?  Well, maybe you did, but I sure didn't back then.  I wanted to enjoy life.  That's really all.

So, what did I do?  I decided to make yoga a bigger part of my life several years ago.  It had been there, waiting for me to realize it could do even more for me than strengthen my muscles and make my body more flexible so that it wouldn't get as many running injuries.  I finally allowed it to show me that it could do those things for my mind too.  Without getting too hippie-dippie (although I'm good with that too), there's something very real about the effects of yoga that are invisible to the eye.  Remember the book The Little Prince?  "What is essential is invisible to the eye."  Truer words have not been said.  Yoga is like that.  If we work at it, it will reward us immeasurably.  And it can benefit absolutely everyone.  No exceptions.

Yoga continues to teach me how to live BETTER, by embracing the positive and saying good-bye to things that do not serve me well.  Learning how to direct my energy to more positivity has enabled me to begin this new path with Sankulpla Yoga too.  I am excited about this new path, and I hope that you will join me when you can.  Although I feel tentative about sharing my thoughts and progress publicly, I believe really strongly about making connections with other people to enrich our own lives and for others.  It's a two-way street......even online.  So, here we go.   You are welcome here.  

And, by the way, the lunch was delicious......broken yolk and all.