It's a struggle sometimes, isn't it?  Finding that balance in life is something that I do better some days than others.  And I'm talking all kinds of balance:  healthy living decisions (ie: M&M's vs. Broccoli), pushing myself vs. cutting myself some slack, family time vs. getting stuff done time....  The list goes on and on, doesn't it?  It's magic when balance presents itself to me, such as the photo below.  I needed a photo shoot for an upcoming project, but Aidan had been asking to go to Petrifying Springs park for an autumn hike.  So.......the kids became my unlicensed personal assistants for the afternoon, and it was win-win all around.  (The dog didn't really contribute anything useful other than cuteness and muddy paws, but we brought her along anyway.) 



The point is that we usually seem to be better at taking care of business and not so good at taking care of ourselves.  Some of us have made ticking things off the To Do list into an art form.  For many, it's to the point that we fool ourselves into believing that we really don't need to take time for ourselves to do anything fun or restful......or even to explore the idea that we might need to rest or have a little bit of fun.  

There's nothing wrong with working.....and life is better if you like the work you do (career, studying, etc.).  I'm only suggesting that you ask yourself if you are maybe a little lopsided in the responsibilities to everything outside of yourself department.  Be honest.

For example, if you read last week's blogpost, I challenged you to find JOY every day of the week.  Did you succeed?  Did you try?  Well.......??

Balance takes practice.  Have you ever let a few work calls go to voicemail, because you need a little break, or a snack, or you need to go to the bathroom?  How about letting the dishes sit in the sink overnight?  No?  Not good, my friend.  Yes, I know that means you have to listen to the voicemail and call the person back.  And the dishes do not wash themselves.  Extra steps take more time.  I'm not suggesting leaking out on your responsibilities, but just limiting how far over your head you become and losing control of that decision.  Being ON all the time takes its toll eventually.  (and I have to admit that the dishes in the sink thing is really, really hard for me.....)

Today, I attended a yoga workshop in Chicago with Candace Moore.  She has a blog at and a new book out called Namaslay.  (Both of them are great, so check them out if you are so inclined.)  Getting to attend her workshop was something I've been looking forward to for awhile.  I felt carefree but with a twinge of guilt while riding the train this morning alone next to my yoga mat and my knitting.  

The workshop was challenging and fun.  I got to meet some new upbeat people and catch up with a couple of others.  I even took the time afterwards for a cappuccino and lunch outdoors to take in the unseasonably warm weather before hiking it back to Union Station to catch the train toward home.  Here's what I missed:  yard work and spending a Saturday with my family.  On one hand, I dodged a bullet with the yard work.  On the other, I missed out on some free time with the kids and my husband.  But, I feel refreshed.  I'll get to spend tonight with my family......and they really didn't seem to miss me while I was gone either.  So, there you go.  Balance.  It's got its benefits.  Please give it a try.

Enjoy the week ahead.....and let me know in the comments below if you were able to succeed in the Joy challenge or if you have any good input to share about how you create balance in your life.  (If you are reading this post on your phone, you can click on the "View in Browser" link in order to be able to comment below or click the "like" heart.  Thanks!)

Items of Note:

  • Candace (mentioned above in the post) has invited me to be her first guest blogger in a new series.  This is very exciting, because she has bazillions of followers, and it's an opportunity for my little Sankulpa Yoga space to grow and maybe for my Yoga in Schools Workshop to get a little notice.  SO, be sure to read her blog this week Thursday to find my essay.  (Very.  Exciting.  Very.) 
  • I have a new home yoga studio and am here to tell you that I'm beginning to book private lessons and small groups.  Give me a holler if you'd like more information.  I also hold a Thursday morning class in the studio, so send me a little message if you'd like to attend.
  • Yoga in the Park is growing!  October marks the biggest attendance month yet.  If you haven't practiced with us, please take a look at the calendar portion of this site and see if you can work us into your schedule!

As always, thank you for visiting this space.  I appreciate your presence here.  A lot.