This is one of my favorite photographs.  And by favorite, I don't mean that it's one of my favorites of my kids.  It's one of my favorite photographs of all the photographs in the world.  My husband Rob caught this on a beach in Oregon a couple of summers ago while we were trekking up the coast from San Francisco to Washington.  

This photograph represents for me a moment of pure joy.  Carefree, who-cares-who's-looking, gotta-jump-around, uninhibited JOY.  When we feel joyful, it feels like the possibilities are endless.  Joyfulness feels free and intoxicating.  Aidan is showing the type of joy that we DO as kids and keep on the inside as adults.  Well, I'm in favor of the "do a little dance" displays of joy as grown ups too.  Why not?  

So, look in the background of this photograph.  There's Delaney.  Quiet in her joy, but just as joyful about whatever she's doing over there....probably finding a little sea creature.  Both of my kids remember this day as one of the best days ever.  Maybe you are quiet in your joy, and maybe you dance it out.  Whatever your groove, being open to the small, joyful moments in life are what makes our time here rich and wonderful.

And, if you are a Cubs fan looking forward to the World Series on this beautiful autumn day, you are one of the people out there who knows exactly what I'm writing about here.  I challenge you to find joy every day this week.  For some, the challenge is more daunting than for others.  Maybe your joy will be a great cup of coffee or a warm hug.  Maybe it's five minutes in a row all to yourself or the ability to rise above worry and stress and to feel a lightness.  Just give it a shot.  

May you find joy this week in the little things.

And as a friend said to me yesterday.....Until we meet again, keep a song in your heart.

There have been some pretty cool things going on at Sankulpa Yoga recently.  I've nailed down space a Free Yoga for Caregivers, thanks to the advice of a good friend (Thanks, Emily P!).  I get to be a guest blogger for one of my fave yogis around (Thank you, Candace!).  Little by little, more people are finding Sankulpa Yoga and becoming involved in classes.  My family has helped me arrange a lovely home studio for small classes and private lessons (Thanks for the time and heavy lifting, you guys!).  The support and encouragement I've gotten from them and many of you near and far to keep working toward my goals with this yoga space for practice and education makes my heart full.  I hope to share that with you.  Thank you all.  <3