Sahasrara: The Thousand Petals 7th Chakra

Welcome to the final week of our little chakra series on the blog.  We started at the heart (our center) and then worked from the root to the crown.  And here we are at the final one!

Sahasrara is located at and above the crown of the head.  Its meaning, "the thousand petals," represents a thousand-petaled lotus flower and refers to infinity.  Most often linked to the achievement of "unity with the divine," Sahasrara brings to mind our connection and oneness with the universe.  Religion and spirituality can play an important roll in this chakra as a lifelong journey.  However, it also refers to our interconnectedness as humans with each other and with nature and the universe at large.  I like that.  

I am going to go out on a limb and just put it out there that the 7th chakra is something that we can all afford to work on in our lives.  See if you agree......

Sahasrara focuses on the quest for wisdom, self-awareness, and lifelong development.  When deficient in this chakra, cynicism, greed, materialism, and a rigid belief system rule.  A healthy, developing 7th chakra brings the ability to trust oneself, to accept other views, and to see the connections between ourselves and forces and people outside of ourselves.  Grace plays a large role in Sahasrara.  Can you relate to any of this?  I thought so.

Frankincense and lavender are essential oils that nurture the 7th chakra.  Its color can be deep purple or white.  Gemstones associated with Sahasrara are amethysts and diamonds.  Some yoga poses associated with Sahasrara are bridge pose, supine pigeon, handstand, and headstand.

It was serendipity that lined up this week's blog chakra topic for me.  Nearing peak autumn colors around these parts in Wisconsin coincided with a conversation and with a timely letter that arrived in the mail.  Timing, as the saying goes, is sometimes everything.  Autumn is my favorite time of year, but so often I miss it.  Yes.  I miss it.  One day, I'll notice that the trees are just starting to change over to fall colors, and the next thing I know, the branches are bare.  And it's all over before I noticed that it had really begun.

This week, I was just reminding myself to slow my roll this autumn and to look around me at nature's gallery displays.  I don't know what it is, but this time of year has always made me feel a bit homesick.  I don't know why.  I mean.....I AM home, so why should I feel homesick??  

Anyway, this year is particularly poignant, because I have a reason for the homesick feeling.  It's the first autumn since my mom died.  She loved autumn and nature in general.  When I was a kid, some Sundays on the way to church found my mom announcing without warning, "God is in the woods today."  And we'd detour abruptly, hiking in our Sunday best and searching for wood fairies and jack-in-the-pulpits instead of attending Mass.  These detours either occurred after my parents' divorce or on Sundays when my father was working at the fire station.  Please don't tell on me...... ;) 

I was talking about my homesickness for my mom this week with one of my mom's sisters (and also my wonderful godmother).  Part of what we talked about involved how we feel more connected to my mom as time passes.  It's like God / the universe keeps our connection strong, despite the absence of physical connection.  It is a comforting, but unexplainable, feeling.  Then my mom's other sister (another lovely aunt ) sent me a copy of something my mother had written a long time ago.  It was a short story she'd written about a chance meeting with St. Francis of Assisi in the woods.  In the story, he is able to help the narrator really open her eyes and see the beauty of nature around her....and to accept herself as an integral part of it all.  

Um, Sahasrara, anyone??

I'd been having a hard time puzzling out the 7th chakra for the blog post, because it has been the hardest one for me to feel my way through for some reason.  My experiences with my godmother and aunt and my mother's short story were on my mind later in the week as I began my weekly loooonnngggg run that is part of my training for an upcoming trail race.  With fall exploding around me, the whole 7th chakra thing started to fall into place.  (I think the endorphins must have helped.)  I will tell you that after I finished all ten miles of that run, I felt more peaceful than I have for a long time.  My homesickness had settled into more of a feeling of comforting nostalgia with a warm knowledge that my mom was there in the color of the leaves and in the earthy scent of the air.  

I am not kidding.

So, why am I telling you all of this?  Well.  It just seems like this is a perfect time of year to reflect and to think about a connection to nature.  Maybe you are feeling like you need to nurture some connection in your life.  Within your spirituality?  To your authentic self?  Toward an idea?  I don't know.   But what I do know is that we all have our "stuff" to figure out.  So, maybe take a walk or go for a run - a quiet, thoughtful, open-hearted time in nature to feel and puzzle out what you need to puzzle out.  And really, we are all working out our own "stuff", so in that, we are all connected.

 My mom's sisters Cyndi and Cathy....with my cousin Nicky and Delaney.

My mom's sisters Cyndi and Cathy....with my cousin Nicky and Delaney.

I wish you a week filled with peace and good connections.